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Every person has incredible potential. Find out how to discover your potential using a strengths-based approach.

CliftonStrengths was born out of a passion to explore what was right about people, rather than what was wrong. Each of us are born with unique and innate talents that with intentional investment can become true strengths. The most successful people in the world have learned how to be the best version of themselves, how to play to their strengths and how to work well with those around them who have complementary strengths. Choose to invest in your talent to strength journey today.


All coaching is available either in person or online. 

CliftonStrengths Top5 Coaching

Image by Pablo Heimplatz

This is the starting point on your talent to strength journey.

  • 90 minute session

  • Unpack your Top 5 dominant themes of talent

  • Discover how you can intentionally invest in those talents to turn them into strengths

  • Create an individual development plan leveraging your dominant themes of talent

CliftonStrengths Full34 Coaching

Image by Lachlan Dempsey

You're on your way and you're ready to go further. 

  • 2 x 90 minute sessions

  • Unpack your remaining dominant themes of talent

  • Explore how you can use your strengths to overcome potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities

  • Learn how to bring out the best of who you are

  • Leverage your themes of talent in new ways to achieve your goals


More CliftonStrengths Coaching

Youth Coaching

16-18 years

This shorter CliftonStrengths Top5 coaching session is tailor made for young people and is aimed at supporting them in discovering their natural talents and unlocking their potential. It is particularly useful in considering future career opportunities, looking at the types of roles that may fit them well. 
60 minute session.

Refresh and Refocus

60 minute session

For those who have already had CliftonStrengths Top5 or Full34 coaching, this Refresh & Refocus session is an opportunity to look at how far you've come and what your next steps might be in moving forward. A variety of tools are available to support your progression in your talent to strength journey.

Leadership Coaching

Strengths-Based Leadership

If you have walked the journey all the way to the end of your CliftonStrengths Full34 and you want more, this is for you. Research has shown four key areas that create greater employee engagement - trust, compassion, stability and hope. Learn how to specifically apply your dominant themes of talent to build these into your leadership.


"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

Albert Einstein