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In 1949 Donald Clifton, now known as the Father of Strengths-Based psychology, started the Nebraska Human Resources Research Foundation at the University of Nebraska. At the time he was shocked to find that all of the psychology books he could find were about what was wrong with people; he couldn't find a single one about what might be right with them. That began of journey of research with 2 million successful individuals from 48 different countries that spanned over 40 years. From there, a scientific assessment tool named 'StrengthsFinder' was developed. Years later, in honour of Donald Clifton and his world changing research, the tool was renamed 'CliftonStrengths.'

Today, more than 23 million individuals worldwide have taken the assessment and more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies have used CliftonStrengths to bring the power of strengths-based development to their workplace culture. Organisations of all sizes have chosen to give leaders and their teams the chance to become great at what they're naturally good at.

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Themes of Talent

Donald Clifton and his team of researchers identified 34 themes of talent. They discovered that there is a 1 in 278,000 chance of meeting someone with the same Top 5 themes of talent as you and a 1 in 33 million chance that they will have those same five in the same order as you. Your personal set of talents is almost as unique as your fingerprint.


A 40-60 minute online assessment will give you 177 paired statements from which you decide which one sounds more like you. Upon completion of this assessment you will be sent a set of reports giving theme descriptions and personalised insights into your dominant themes of talent.  These reports are just the starting point, a roadmap to a greater journey towards further understanding of what comes naturally to you and how to leverage your natural talents for increased success across all areas of life.

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CliftonStrengths Coaching

Donald Clifton once wrote, "Strengths develop only in relationship to someone else." Gallup's ongoing research has proven this to be true. 


You are the expert on you and my job is to come alongside and help you flourish by helping you focus on doing more of what you naturally do best. Through coaching conversations I will support you to leverage your strengths and manage your weaknesses more effectively. Today you can begin that journey for yourself or for your workplace.

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