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I started For Life Sake with a group of very special ladies on an Airforce base in Marlborough, New Zealand. We talked, we shared, we learnt from one another. I figured we could either cuss about what was going wrong in life, or we could choose a different way; we could choose life. 

We met regularly, loved on one another, championed the best parts of each other and supported each other to grow. It was only natural that the name that was birthed in that season would be the same name I would carry on for my business. It is a name that sums up my heart to see others set free to discover the best of who they are.

For life sake we need each other.

For life sake we need someone to champion the best in us. 

CliftonStrengths Coaching is just one of the ways I love to do that.


About Me

Sarah Luton - Accredited CliftonStrengths Coach

Hi! I'm Sarah and I currently live in Nelson, New Zealand. I have a degree in Business Management and a Diploma in Pastoral Leadership. Over the past 10 years I have worked for a variety of organisations, gaining valuable experience in one-on-one coaching and group facilitation. 

Since gaining my CliftonStrengths coaching accreditation through Strengths Network South Pacific, I have successfully coached clients from a variety of industries and backgrounds. CliftonStrengths is a tool that focuses on what is right rather than what is wrong and as I have used this tool in coaching sessions with clients, I have seen individuals come alive to their unique greatness. I would consider it a great privilege to help you unlock your talents and support you in the journey of turning those talents into strengths.

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