• Sarah Luton


So I woke up this morning with a picture in my mind of me being like a 3D jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing that God is restoring...

Pieces that have been lost or stolen over the years through lies I've believed about myself, limiting words spoken to me or that I've spoken about myself.

I keep feeling drawn to look back... To listen to prophetic words recorded in times past, to read back through old journals...

And I keep finding puzzle pieces that connect to each other and connect to what God is saying and doing in the here and now.

More and more I'm seeing the me who always was... the me that I've always been destined to be... the me that God has always seen... the me that He created... the me that I just didn't see while I was trapped in a prison of lies wondering what was wrong with me and how I should be trying harder to be better.

So piece by piece, I am emerging.

And it's not about trying harder.

It's just a journey of discovery, of listening and responding, of letting Him show me what He's always seen and always known to be true.

For life sake... take time to discover and get to know the deeper, authentic version of you that God sees.

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